About Me

Gosh, these "about me" pages are always so awkward.
Like do you take the online dating profile or the polished resume approach?

....Who even knows....

...or cares...


Ok so why you're really here:

I'm just an adventurous up-for-anything kinda girl who finds blogging the perfect blend of therapeutic and (perfectly) challenging. I write to get my CARAZY thoughts down on paper...and heck, if someone finds the entertaining, inspiring, interesting, or anything other than boring......


Besides blogging, I'm a sucker for the outdoors and sports, hanging with friends, country music, and living life to the fullest. I love fresh fruit smoothies, ANYTHING beach, the color mint (and yes....this is a color:), playing the ukulele, snuggling puppies, and the wind in my hair. 

All other life details....well....guess you'll have to keep reading the posts to get all those....'cause I still haven't figured them all out yet;)

Thanks for stopping by.....and keep on comin!
Ya know I love you all:) 

Later lovelies!